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Tips For Balancing Summer With Studying

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Summer is just around the corner. As family and friends begin making Fourth of July plans, hosting barbeques, and heading for the beach, you can’t help but wonder, ‘Am I going to have time for anything besides studying’?
The bar exam is undeniably time consuming, which all too often leaves upcoming bar examinees feeling discouraged and unmotivated about their studies. Luckily, however, you don’t have to completely sacrifice your free time in order to pass the exam. Use these tips, compiled by AdaptiBar, to make the most of this summer without neglecting time for your bar prep.
You'll Need to Plan Ahead
Many examinees start slow at the beginning of their studies, only to end up panicking two weeks before the exam when they realize the amount of information they still need to learn to pass. However, there’s a simple solution that prevents all procrastination from occurring – planning ahead! Make a list of all the dates and times of events that you are already committed to through the end of July, including the bar exam. You should also leave room for 2 or 3 “free” activities that unexpectedly arise, whether that means taking a spontaneous day trip with friends or picking up an extra shift at work. Ultimately, knowing what your long-term schedule looks like early on in your bar prep will give you the freedom to prepare for (and enjoy) the summer without compromising your goals.
You'll Need to Be Realistic
 Surely you are already developing a mental checklist of all the things you would ideally like to do this summer. Swimming? Check. Road trip? Check. Pass the bar exam? Almost check. While you shouldn’t restrict yourself from all fun activities this summer, it’s essential to dedicate the majority of your time to your priorities, the main one being the bar exam. As the ancient proverb goes, actions speak louder than words. Do your daily actions show that your primary goal is to pass the bar exam? Be realistic about the amount of sleep, study time, and free time you can handle, then plan your days accordingly.
You'll Need a Routine
A routine is more than having a set study schedule. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the second you fall asleep, every minute you spend completing a designated task is training your body to focus or rest during that time. For example, if you regularly wake up at 8a.m. and begin your bar prep an hour later, your body and mind will gradually learn to become sharply focused at 9a.m. each day. Use this technique to your advantage when studying for the bar exam by developing a strict morning routine. Doing so will help minimize distractions while studying, thus maximizing the amount of time you have later to unwind.
You'll Need to Know Where You Stand
So you know you’re going to have a busy schedule, but you don’t know how well you are going to perform on the bar exam…or do you? Believe it or not, your score in AdaptiBar is a proven accurate prediction of what you will actually score on the July 2016 MBE. Not only does this make it possible to know how successful your study habits are throughout the course of the summer, but it will also help you determine whether or not you are dedicating sufficient time to your bar prep. Ask yourself, ‘Am I answering between 30 and 50 MBE questions in AdaptiBar each day? Is my score at a 70% accuracy rate or higher?’ If the answer to either of these questions is no, it may be an indicator that your studying needs a boost.
You'll Need to Invest in Yourself
Remember – the bar exam is for you! Sure, you may have to miss out on some fun activities and events this summer. In fact, it’s fair to say that you will miss out on some things in order to dedicate that time to studying. However, the bar exam is the key to unlocking your long-term goal of becoming a licensed, practicing lawyer. In other words, by investing in your bar prep today, you are also investing in your future! Now is the time to put your studies (and yourself) first. Even if there are bumps in the road that leave you feeling discouraged, never lose sight of the bright light of success at the end of the tunnel – it might just be closer than you think.
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