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Tips for Excelling in Your Final Year of Law School

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3L Classroom

For those of you in the midst of your 3L year, you are likely experiencing a wide range of thoughts and emotions. How am I going to balance this final year of law school with other commitments? Do I have favorable job prospects after graduation? Am I sufficiently prepared to take the bar exam? What is the best method of bar prep?

Since your final year is the culmination of all the hard work you have done to become a lawyer, performing well on the bar exam is crucial. Here are some tips that will help you excel and get prepared to pass your bar exam with flying colors.

Get Organized

By the 3L year, many law students notice a dip in their motivation, as a heavy workload and uncertain future weighs down on them. It is also common to have all of your thoughts become jumbled and scrambled inside your head as you question your very sanity.

This is where some old-fashioned organizational skills come in handy. Take some time to create a schedule for yourself, either on a piece of paper on your smartphone. Getting it all out of your head will clear up some much-needed room for the tasks at hand.

If motivation is the issue, reread some of the books, articles and pieces that got you interested in law in the first place. It is easy to get bogged down with schoolwork and temporarily lose your way, but it is also easy to get that fire burning again by remembering why you started law school in the first place.

Don’t Neglect Your GPA

A lot of law students tend to go on cruise control during their final year, especially if they have already secured a job. Try to fight this urge, and keep your GPA as high as possible. If there is a noticeable dip in your GPA, it could affect future employment, and some law firms may even withdraw offers if your grades take a nosedive in the 3L year.

Take the Time to Network

Law students in their final year should be part student, part salesperson. This is the time to network and make connections that will serve you well as you begin your post-academic journey. Take advantage of events around campus, local bar associations that are open to students, and any resources offered by your school.

Intelligent Bar Exam Prep

Naturally, if you don’t pass the bar exam, planning ahead and getting good grades will only take you so far. That’s why bar prep should be high on your list of priorities throughout your final year of law school.

There are just as many concepts and theories regarding the best way to prepare for the bar exam as there are law students. However, getting a head start and preparing intelligently will set you apart from everyone else. That is where AdaptiBar comes in.

Trying to cram all the information in your head within the last couple weeks just to regurgitate it on that magical day may work for some. If you really want to be prepared, AdaptiBar will be the confidence boost that you need.

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