Updates! 3 New Features You Can Check Out Now!

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October 2018 marks AdaptiBar’s 15th year of innovating the way students prepare for the MBE. To celebrate, we’re rolling out some exciting new updates you’re sure to love!

Extended Explanations

(Beta – desktop program only)

Longer, more in-depth explanations are now available for select questions! Questions with extended explanations will provide you with two options underneath the answer choices. You can choose to expand either the “Brief Explanation” or “Extended Explanation”.

The base facts you need to understand why an answer is right or wrong can be found in the brief (or regular) answer explanation. Their purpose is to get the main points and so you can move on quickly. The new, extended version is meant to provide more detail for each related concept and provide context for different components of black letter law.

For example, a rule made up of four elements might be tested in a question that only asks about one aspect of the rule. The brief answer explains that one element and describes how it applies to the question. The extended explanations will contextualize the element by explaining the rule it belongs to as well as how it applies to the question.

We hope you find that the extended explanations further maximize your study experience! We will continuously be adding extended explanations over the next several months. Eventually, every question in our database will have them!

Updated Video Lectures

Our video lectures got a face-lift! The lectures by MBE Master Jonathan Grossman now feature more helpful closed caption files, streamlined video introductions, and cohesive notecard stylization. All these modifications have been deliberately crafted to create a seamless study experience for our users.

The changes don’t just stop at the surface level! The notecards that pop up throughout the video now intentionally highlight the critical information and draw focus to stress essential concepts. Notecards will now emphasize definitions, rules, and different elements of a crime or concept to help increase material retention.

That’s not all! We are also releasing All. New. Videos. That’s right, the subjects Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Torts now contain all the updates as mentioned above — and more! Each feature higher quality video resolution, updated law content, new hypos and examples, and 3 more hours of additional material intended to increase your understanding of each concept.

We constructed each of these video lecture updates with you in mind. All vital information has been updated and streamlined, and the new conformity of the video lectures will mean fewer distractions from the info.

Video Tutorials

Do you ever have questions about different features in the program but don’t want to take the time to read through the AdaptiBar Guide or reach out to customer support? We’ve got a fix for you! AdaptiBar’s video tutorials take you through each feature of AdaptiBar’s program quickly and concisely.

Video topics cover the AdaptiBar Preparation Method, Past Questions, Timing, Question Progress, Past Performance, Messages, Subject, Settings, and more!

Make sure you are making the most out of your study materials by checking out our video tutorials. Simply select “Support” on the navigation panel and choose the desired topic!

We hope you enjoy each of these upgraded features! Thank you for being a part of our 15 exciting years as a company. We look forward to many more!

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