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Want to Start Studying for the Bar Exam NOW? Here’s How…

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Many students sitting for the upcoming February 2019 bar exam can already be found held up in libraries across the country, downing their 13th cup of coffee for the day, and buried in a sea of bar exam prep materials. But what about the July 2019 bar exam takers? Is there something that they could or even should be doing now to prepare for the July 2019 bar exam? The answer? A resounding yes.

AdaptiBar’s Early Study Option

AdaptiBar offers its MBE Simulator & Prep program two sessions per year, in alignment with the administration of the bar exam in February and July of each year. Access to these sessions ranges from August 1 – February 28 and March 1 – July 31, respectively.  However, many users don’t know that they can begin studying for the MBE sooner than their AdaptiBar session start date! For an additional $125, AdaptiBar provides access during the session prior to your intended bar exam session.

For example, students studying for the July 2019 bar would typically gain access to the program on March 1, 2019, for the July session. By opting for AdaptiBar’s early study option, those July ’19 students can begin studying during the February 2019 session (which starts August 1st) and have up to a full year of MBE prep, for just an additional $125! This applies to all February 2020 bar takers looking to get a head start studying during the July 2019 session, and so on. Utilizing this option means a more methodical and less rushed approach to studying for less than purchasing the program twice!

What Future Bar Takers Should Be Doing Now

So, what does this all mean for you? AdaptiBar offers the early study option to encourage users to get a jump start on their bar prep. Far too often we see users begin bar prep the month before, or even weeks before, they plan to sit for the bar exam. This can make studying more stressful and memorization more difficult. We want to help our users avoid this common procrastination pitfall by helping them to start studying sooner and smarter.

Begin studying now at your own pace and convenience, around the demands of your every-day life. Avoid spending days at a time in a dark corner of a dusty library, desperately pouring over outdated practice questions. Instead, you could feel less stressed and better prepared by studying with the best questions, the best technology, and the most time available to you. Make the most of your time (and money!) by utilizing our early study option today!

On behalf of everyone here at AdaptiBar, we wish you the best of luck!

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