Welcome to The AdaptiBar Blog!

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Welcome to The AdaptiBar Blog!

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the AdaptiBlog. When we first created the AdaptiBar bar exam review program eight years ago, we never wanted to simply give law students the answers. With our online MBE simulator, we offer detailed explanations and additional support to help you gain the confidence you need to succeed.
But we realize there’s more to being a lawyer than passing the bar. Whether you’re a pre-law student, in your 1L year or a recent grad, the AdaptiBar blog will help guide you as you follow the path to becoming a successful lawyer. We’ll also explore industry news and trends that will influence and shape your career as a practicing attorney.
We encourage you to check back here often for useful tips and thought-provoking commentary on preparing for the bar, study habits, mentors, technology, law school rankings and much more.
Are there any topics or issues you’d like us to cover? Comment below or tweet us @AdaptiBar, and we’ll do our best to cover your topic.
Looking forward to learning with and from you!

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