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Write for the Bar — Learn, Practice, and Pass!

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Write for the Bar -- Learn, Practice, and Pass!

Write for the Bar is an adaptive learning environment designed specifically for the written portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).  Let’s explore the various modalities for learning and practice that set Write for the Bar apart from the rest.

The Guided Tour — Adaptable Content

Studying for the bar exam can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start, but Write for the Bar can help change this. The Guided Tour is a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that helps you focus around the areas you need the most help on while displaying essays, flashcards, and other study essentials fit for your specific needs. You’ll have the tools, the time, and the guidance to study smarter and more efficiently.

Practice Makes Perfect with Licensed Questions

Using a unique algorithm, the Guided Tour automatically presents you with bar exam essays that emphasize on your weaker subtopics. To make practice as realistic as possible, Write for the Bar uses real questions from past bar exams, licensed from the NCBE.

Drill Substantive Knowledge

Not only does the Guided Tour display essays, but it also includes Flashcards to drill your knowledge before and after each essay. You have the option to skip Flashcard assignments, but since we present only a manageable number at a time, why not try and test your substantive knowledge too!

Expect the Unexpected

The Guided Tour also features Mystery Essays. These are intended to give you the same surprised sensation you would experience opening your test booklet. With Mystery Essays, you will be prepared to handle whatever comes your way during the bar exam.

How Cognitive Science Will Help You Pass the Bar

Our Guided Tour is based on the premise of spaced repetition: to memorize a concept for the long-term, one might review the material at varying intervals of repetitive study with meaningful delays in between. Quite the opposite of cramming! Cognitive science has proven that this method is more effective than intense, last-minute studying. With our Guided Tour, you will be automatically and meaningfully toggled between the subjects in study, in review, and in practice. We’ll take care of the fancy science part, so you can focus on what’s important: passing the bar.

Self-Guided Mode – Choose Your Own Adventure

Write for the Bar also features a Self-Guided option where you can Choose Your Own Adventure. It is easy to toggle between the Guided Tour and Self-Guided modes.

Self-Guided Mode is a part of the database that allows you to select a subject area, and can view all of  the Flashcards for each subject as well as the practice essays and performance tests. You will be able to sort the essays by Subtopic and Focused Area of Law. The performance tests allow you to sort by task type.

This mode allows you to take control and direct your own study, but since all of the essays, performance tests and flashcards are categorized for you, it makes finding exactly what you want easy.

Exam Mode – Your Ultimate Test Day Resource

Exam Mode is offered to all users within 30 days of their exam to help you use your valuable study time effectively. This mode guides you through an MEE question set or an MPT practice set. You can either practice with a full-length exam or a MINI exam. With licensed NCBE questions, randomized topics, and an expert grading rubric, you’ll have all the guidance you need as test day draws nearer.

No Surprises Here!

It’s the element of surprise that makes most test-takers anxious, so we’ve built mystery questions into your Exam Mode. Topics are selected randomly, just as they would be on test day. Or, if you have specific pain points you’d like to focus on, you can choose your own exam topics.

Instant Feedback

With scoring rubrics based on the real exam’s grading process, you won’t have to wait to see how you performed. Self-grade your essay using our trusted rubric and know instantly which steps you can take to improve your score.


We’re excited for you to start learning and practicing. We look forward to seeing your progress! Day one starts today. Enroll Now!

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