How to Get Started With AdaptiBar

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How to get started with AdaptiBar

Here’s how to get started with AdaptiBar MBE Simulator to help you achieve your best MBE score. Keep in mind this is a self-paced bar prep supplement, and each student’s needs and time spent preparing differs.

Before you begin answering questions in AdaptiBar, review your outlines for each of the subjects in detail. You’re using AdaptiBar to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and quickly track your progress.

Start in Practice Questions mode and begin by splitting questions into stages. Try to answer a total of 350 questions for each stage. In this mode, the patented adaptive technology is applied. As you answer questions, the program constantly monitors your performance and adjusts the presentation of questions to focus on your weaknesses without neglecting an area of strength. Take your time answering each question and reading the explanation.

  • If you are a first-time taker, start the first stage by doing 50 questions for one subject at a time. You can do this under set preferences (circle below).
  • If you have taken the exam before, mix up all seven subjects and answer the questions that AdaptiBar presents based on your performance. (We also recommend using the AdaptiBar MBE Simulator for Retakers.)

Practice Questions Mode


Once you have answered the first stage of questions, go to the Subject Performance graph and expand all seven subjects to view your performance. Here you will be able to identify your weaknesses in each subtopic. Spend one day studying each subject and work on the weak subtopics in each subject area by reviewing your outlines.

For additional help, you can add-on AdaptiBar MBE video lectures. presented by MBE Expert Professor Jonathan Grossman. In 3-3.5 hours per subject, Professor Grossman covers everything you need to know while remaining clear and focused. Once you have completed reviewing, begin answering questions again in Practice Questions mode.

Subject Performance Graph


Other useful AdaptiBar features include:

  • The Past Performance Table details each stage’s start and end date, along with the number of questions answered (e.g., 1 – 350). This table clearly details your performance and allows you to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses per stage. Check this table after completing each stage to identify the subtopics you need to review in your outlines.
  • Past Questions allow you to generate a report of previously answered questions. You have the option to filter questions by several different criteria. For instance, you can filter to show the questions you’ve answered incorrectly.

Next, continue answering questions in Practice Questions mode with all seven subjects selected. Be sure to study your weak subtopics after each stage. The point here is to constantly diagnose your weaknesses to determine which areas you should be studying. Hopefully, your studying pays off, and your list of weak subtopics shrinks as you progress to each stage.

Near the end of your preparation, you may want to simulate real-exam conditions in Practice Exams mode. (AdaptiBar typically recommends this for first-time takers only, as repeat takers already know what it’s like to answer 100-questions in one sitting.)

  • For first-time takers, consider taking the Practice Exam under real-exam conditions. You can create customized 100-questions with all seven subjects. You also have the option to take one of the NCBE Online Practice Exams in the Practice Exams tab.

When answering questions, be sure to take the time to fully read and understand each explanation for the questions you answer incorrectly. It is essential to understand why your response was incorrect, but more importantly, why the correct response is correct so you may apply that knowledge to future questions. We suggest answering a minimum of 1,300 questions and achieving an overall accuracy rate of at least 70% to be in a good position going into the exam.

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