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Introducing Write for the Bar

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write for the bar

Write for the Bar is an adaptive learning environment designed specifically for the written portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). After over a decade helping students successfully pass the bar exam, The High Bar® founder Alisa Geller took her unique perspective of students’ needs and her deep understanding of the bar exam and teamed up with the best in tech to create a unique learning environment filled with legal knowledge and strategy for how to pass the MEE and the MPT. With Write for the Bar, you get instant access to prepare for the bar exam with the industry’s best resources at an affordable price.

Key Features – Learn, Practice, and Pass

Adaptable Content

Write for the Bar includes a number of modalities for learning and practice, including the Guided Tour, Self-Guided Mode, and an Exam Mode.

The Guided Tour is a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that helps you study more efficiently. Using our unique algorithm, the Guided Tour automatically presents you with the bar exam essays, performance tests, and flashcards that emphasize your weaker subtopics so you can learn, review, and improve.

To make practice tests as realistic as possible, Write for the Bar uses real questions from past bar exams licensed from the NCBE.

Rule Funnel™ Method

The Rule Funnel method helps you maximize your response points with a visual study guide that demonstrates how to formulate your essay and teaches you to make meaningful and intelligent connections between what you are asked, the facts that are presented and the law.

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tips highlight the key elements in exam questions and show how a legal expert would analyze them. You’ll quickly learn how complex legal issues are tested, how to trigger cognitive recall, and how to identify the little facts that make a big difference in your answers.

Digital Grading Rubrics

Want to know how you fare? By utilizing Write for the Bar’s Digital Grading Rubrics, your performance on a task will be calculated. Through continued practice, your overall performance by subject will be displayed. These performance statistics are valuable tools to help you refine and focus your study process.

Custom Dashboard

All scores are recorded in a custom dashboard to track your progress and performance in each of the MEE subjects and refine your study while personalized achievements and goals keep you motivated.

Recognition versus Recall: How Write for the Bar can help you
improve your MBE Score, too.

The MBE is a tricky exam where knowledge and practice of the law cannot be underestimated. However, the multiple-choice format does provide you with an advantage. There are many clues within the four available choices to help you arrive at the correct answer. This is testing your recognition memory. Do you recognize the issue you’re being asked about?

That said, the MBE is also about recall. This starts by memorizing the law. It’s vital that you don’t focus all of your efforts on the multiple-choice portion. Many students push off studying for their open-ended essay questions; however, by working through bar exam essays, practicing active reading techniques, and writing out substantive knowledge of the law, performance on your MBE section will naturally improve, too. By being able to recall the law and learning it better, you’ll more easily recognize correct versus incorrect answer choices.

This is where Write for the Bar can help. Students who use Write for the Bar have consistently reported an improvement not only in their essays but on their MBE scores, too!

We’re excited for you to start learning and practicing. We look forward to seeing your progress! Day one starts today. Enroll now!

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  • Victoria says:


    Is this program (Write for the bar) good for CA exam takers?

    • Write for the Bar is currently tailored for the written portions of the UBE. Unfortunately, this program does not support the CA essay. Although it will soon.

      • Jon says:

        Does Write for the Bar support CA essays now?

        • Writing Guide uses essays and performance tests released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. At this time, it does not utilize CA specific essays. However, many of the skills emphasized using the NCBE materials are helpful for success on the CA bar exam, including active reading and issue spotting.

          Students who have taken non-UBE states, like CA and FL, have used the Writing Guide to hone active reading and issue spotting skills even if the state specific essays weren’t used.

    • Nina says:

      How long do students have access to the program?

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