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10 Things You Need to Know About AdaptiBar

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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “What is AdaptiBar MBE Simulator? How do I get started? Am I using the program correctly? How do I pair AdaptiBar with my other study materials?” this blog is for you! Make sure you get the most from your MBE prep, and check out these 10 things you need to know about AdaptiBar.

1. AdaptiBar’s Free Trial

With so many bar prep options on the market, the choice can be overwhelming. We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what to expect from our program, before buying! As part of this commitment, we offer a simulated free trial of the program.

This free trial, called our Test Drive, is laid out exactly like our real program, and features simulated questions so users can familiarize themselves with the layout and the features before enrolling – no payment information required! Try out our Test Drive today!

2. Pairing AdaptiBar MBE Simulator With Your Comprehensive Course

There are two important things to know about using AdaptiBar as your supplemental MBE program.

First and foremost, you do not need to wait for your comprehensive course in order to begin using AdaptiBar. If you are enrolled in the current session, you can log in immediately and get a head start on your MBE scores!

Once your comprehensive course starts, we recommend primarily following their schedule, and simply replacing their simulated MBE Questions with AdaptiBar’s licensed ones! This way, you aren’t doubling the amount of work you have to do; you’re simply practicing with questions that most closely represent what you can expect to see on your bar exam.

3. Getting Started

If you need help getting started, we’ve got your back. AdaptiBar MBE Simulator is designed to be a self-paced study program. While we don’t enforce a strict study schedule, we do have a Preparation Method! This method outlines the way we recommend using the program and is intended to provide guidance to those looking for it. You can learn our recommended prep method by watching this short video or reading our guide!

4. Practice Questions vs. Practice Exams & Avoiding Repeat Questions

When practicing in Practice Questions mode, it is guaranteed that you won’t see any repeat questions until you have exhausted every question available for a subject! In this mode, our adaptive algorithm actively tracks your question progress, chooses questions to address your area of weakness, and ensures you don’t see repeat questions. This is the mode in which we recommend users spend the bulk of their time.

Exams mode, however, is designed to give you more control in generating customized exams for yourself. The program will randomly select questions to include in your exam, based on the subjects/subtopics you wish to add. In this mode, you may see repeat questions. We typically recommend only implementing this mode a few weeks out from the bar exam.

5. NCBE Practice Exams

Under our Practice Exams tab, we have six NCBE Practice Exams available to use to help simulate exam conditions! There are the four Online Practice Exams, and two MBE Study Aids made up entirely of the newest released questions!

In Practice Questions mode, you can choose to “Exclude OPE Questions” and “Exclude MBE Study Aid Questions.” Checking these boxes will withhold the questions on those six exams from your practice in Questions mode. Later, when you take one of the NCBE Practice Exams, you won’t run the risk of seeing any repeat questions. 

6. Reviewing Previously Answered Questions

You can review your past questions at any time! You can go back to look at previously answered questions by going to Performance–>Past Questions. Here, select the subject(s) you wish to review and whether you want to see correct/incorrect or all questions. If you only want to see questions from a day or date range, you can do that too! Then, choose to either Generate Report or View as PDF.

7. Annotation Features

In both Practice Questions and Practice Exams mode, you can annotate questions similarly to how you would if you were taking the exam on paper. You can Highlight by clicking and dragging your mouse over the desired text. To un-highlight, merely double-click the highlighted portion!

As you rule out answer choices, you can click the “hide answer” icon to the right of each answer choice to strike through an answer choice! If you change your mind, you can always click the same image again to reverse the strikethrough.

To further simulate exam-like conditions, you also have the option to answer questions on a virtual scantron in Exams mode! To enter this view, select “Enter Scantron View” after starting an exam. You can switch back and forth between Scantron view throughout the exam!

8. Free Mobile App

Studying on the go? AdaptiBar’s free app is available for download on iOS or Android devices. The app allows you the same access to the program as you have on the desktop, and can be used offline as long as you are logged in. Don’t forget to sync your app so that your stats can be updated!

*Bonus tip: You can watch your video lectures on our tvOS app!

9. Performance Charts & Studying Smarter

Subject Performance: This diagnostic tool is found under Performance –> Subject. Here, you will be able to view your overall accuracy rate, performance over time, as well as your performance within individual subjects or subtopics. You can even filter the dates so that you may view your performance within a specific window of time! Subject Performance logs every question you have answered within the program for the session. If you have answered a particular question multiple times, your performance each time you have answered this question is logged here.

*Bonus tip: If you are working with a tutor, we recommend sharing with them a PDF of your subject performance!

Question Progress: This feature gives you the opportunity to track how many unique questions you have answered in the program and how many you have left. Questions answered in both program modes (Practice Questions and Practice Exams) are included in this chart. Beside each subject and subtopic, you will see the number of questions you have answered so far out of the total number of questions available in the database. Once you have answered all questions within a particular subject, the questions will begin to repeat.

Timing Performance: Using innovative and patented technology, AdaptiBar evaluates your response time with your accuracy rate and calculates your “sweet spot,” or the speed at which you answer most accurately. For example, you might get 80% correct if you take 1.6 minutes per question, but only 50% accurate if you rush through at 1.3 minutes per question. This feedback helps refine your internal timing. You can review your Timing Performance at any time by going to PerformanceàTiming!

Past Performance: Past Performance breaks up your progress in the program by sets of 350 questions. Here, the program will automatically help you identify your 10 weakest subtopic areas, and also determines where your accuracy rate has increased or decreased in comparison to the last “stage” of 350 questions. 

10. Re-setting Statistics

If you have stats from early in the program that you would like to remove from overall performance, you can do so by making an adjustment to your default dates. In your Settings, find the Default Dates section. To exclude specific dates, you will select a “Custom” date range and then enter your desired start and end dates. 

Please note you will want to leave the end date as the last day of your session access. (7/31 for July users and 2/28 for February users.) Adjusting your default dates may lead to seeing repeat questions.

Happy studying from AdaptiBar!

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